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Xavier Pizarro Corcuera

Color Pigments and Oil

Born in Mexico City in 1954. He started in the artistic field through his painting and drawing studies at the Centro Cultural Universitario (UNAM) and later at the University of Arizona in the United States. Parallel to his artistic career, he trained as an architect and as a graphic designer, graduating in 1985.


 Between commercial and personal projects (mainly related to book publishing, but also with design and architecture), he always found a moment to work on his artistic projects, standing out mainly for his paintings and drawings where the common factor in all his works It is his vision about the relationship between the human being, nature and time. 


He has presented his work in different spaces and cities of Mexico, as well as abroad, where Singapore, New York and Vienna stand out. His work is part of the following private collections: Museum of Modern Art (Singapore), Club de Industriales (Mexico), Club de Empresarios Bosques (Mexico), Grupo Omega (Mexico) and the Mexican Stock Exchange (Mexico). 


He currently lives and works in Mexico City.

David Roy Ocotla: TeamMember
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